Musician and composer Thomas Vaquie dedicates most of his time composing music and sound design for moving image, in particular for Cinema and documentary.

He founded Chocolat-Noisette with Jeff Levillain, a post production studio based in Brussels. Since 2007, they have been working on sound recording, sound editing and mixing for European movies industry.

Over the last few years he has specialized in music experimentation for audiovisual work with the Antivj visual label, creating site-specific pieces for the Old Port of Montreal's metallic conveyor tower, in Songdo (South Korea's futurist city project), Hala Stulecia (Poland's 70m diameter concrete dome) or France's Centre Pompidou Metz designed by Shigeru Ban.
Thomas also creates very modern compositions for immersive audiovisual installations, (AntiVJ's 3Destruct, Light Sculptures v2 and Cityscape 2095 projects).

With a strong sense of composition and narrative (he has co-directed certain projects with AntiVJ visual Directors), sound designer skills and a capacity to project an image sonically, Thomas produces striking, emotional and physical pieces and tries to extend visual experiences into physical ones.

Onion Skin , Delta , 3Destruct , Cityscape 2095 , Paleodictyon , Saint Gervais , Songdo , Enghien , Nuits Sonores , Grote Kerk , Square , Nuit Blanche Bruxelles ...